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    The Brett Lichtenthaler Consulting Group can help your team close more deals.

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    Sessions with BLCG provide the proper mix of motivation and functional selling skills.

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    Are your sales lagging? Training and coaching with BLCG will help your sales team soar!

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Increase Sales, Improve Your Business and Energize Your Life

After over 20 years in corporate sales and sales leadership roles, Brett Lichtenthaler took his skill, experience and passion for the sales profession and formed the Brett Lichtenthaler Consulting Group (BLCG).  BLCG exists for one reason; Maximum Sales Impact! We do this by helping increase our client’s sales revenues, improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction through sales training, sales leadership coaching, sales analytics and designing improvements throughout an organization’s sales process.  BLCG is different than most consulting firms because we have sat in the same chair as you have.  Rather than spending a career in training and coaching, Brett Lichtenthaler has spent his career in “the trenches” as a sales professional and a sales leader.  Some of the services we offer at BLCG include:

  • Customized Sales Training Programs
  • Sales Planning
  • Qualification of Sales Opportunities
  • Activity Management

  • Sales On-boarding and Coaching
  • Leading High Performing Sales Teams
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Presentation Preparation

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